Schools, Other Community Organizations to Receive Mask Shipments from MI Mask Aid

Schools are one of several organizations benefiting from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s announcement on providing 4 million masks for those in need.

08 14 2020 School Sidebar Vo 69&10 News talked with Harbor Springs Public Schools about it.  Superintendent Michael Behrmann says with school just weeks away, they had to be ready to go.

They have already ordered several shipments of masks for both students and staff.

Behrmann says they are happy to take any help they can get when it comes to these newly necessary supplies.

“We wanted to be ready from day one,” Behrmann said. “We’ve tried to consider everything possible for several months that we could have in place on day one to keep all of our students and staff as safe as possible.”

On top of masks, the school has also stocked up on face shields, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies.

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