Sawdust Snow in the Summer Creates Fun Family Moments for Local Sawmill

Logging is an important industry in Northern Michigan. Sawmills crank out fresh-cut wood for buildings and projects on a daily bases and at a rapid pace. The Maciag Saw Mill in Chippewa Sawdust Snow SotvoCounty specializes in cutting for wholesalers.

This business is a second-generation sawmill that started decades ago with Joseph Maciag and his neighbor. Today, Joseph’s son, Scott, and his family runs the business. But with all of the hard work, there is some fun that comes with the job.

“When I was a little kid, my Dad talked about it all the time and he always told me stories when he was kid, they would cut ice out of the St. Marys River by Raber Bay and put it ice houses and pack it down with sawdust,” explained Scott Maciag.  “He would take me out to the sawdust pile and dig a hole, and there it was.  And a lot of times, back in those days, those guys like my Dad and older they kept their beverage of choice in the sawdust pile to keep it cool for the end of the day.   It is solid ice.  A lot of it, I dug it out at the end of May and piled it here and thought it would go out to a farm somewhere.  Then they would make a joke about sending them some snow. If you kneel on that for very long, your knees will get cold”.

The job can be hard sometimes, and things can get heated – but the Maciag family has a lot of fun with it.

The Maciag family loves the snow and wintertime more than the heat and humidity of summer. The icy-snow can last all year long under the sawdust piles.

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