Former Grand Traverse Co. Jail Administrator to be Charged With Sex Crimes, Embezzlement


Former Grand Traverse County jail administrator Todd Ritter is headed to court to be charged with several crimes that investigators say he committed while on the clock.

Ritter will be arraigned for embezzlement, willful neglect of duty and sex crimes.

Todd Ritter served more than 20 years with the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office and will now face a judge after investigators say he had intimate relations with inmates, embezzled from the county, and misused government issued property.

The Michigan attorney general’s office investigated the case and says he had sexual relations with former inmates while on duty inside the Governmental Center, and even brought a former inmate on a work-expensed trip that required a hotel stay.

They say he misused his government issued credit card and also stole drug test kits from the county.

Other files show he delivered food and coffee to former inmates while on the clock and uniformed.

Greg Hall is running for Grand Traverse County sheriff on a campaign of jail reform, and is happy to finally see Ritter face the light and be held accountable for his actions.

“The same conditions that allowed Todd Ritter to get away with what he did for so long are still there today,” said Hall. “And, you know, hopefully the people within the jail will, you know, use this as an impetus to, to make the changes that are needed.”

Todd Ritter will be arraigned in a virtual hearing Friday afternoon.