Couple Married at McLaren Northern Michigan After Grandfather Officiant Hospitalized

When your wedding day sends you to the hospital, it usually isn’t categorized as a blessing. But for Michael and Bonnie Rinesmith, that’s exactly what they’d call it. 08 14 2020 Hospital Wedding Sot Vo 6

Their wedding plans completely changed when their officiant, Michael’s grandpa Marvin, was hospitalized.

It was so important for them to be married by his grandpa that the family worked with McLaren Northern Michigan to make the special day happen.

It was going to be the first time he has married any of his grandchildren.

Grandpa Rinesmith was allowed just two visitors, Bonnie and Michael, and was able to marry them right there from the McLaren chapel.

It was a special moment for everyone there.

“It was very special, I teared up,” Bonnie said.

Michael added, “He’s getting up there, so for him to be able to marry us was awesome because who knows how much longer grandpa is going to be with us.”

The Rinesmith’s say they are so thankful for everyone who helped make their special day so extra special.