President Trump Sets New Guidance For Reopening Schools

08 13. 20 Covid Latest Vo.transfer

08 13 20 Covid Latest Vo.transferPresident Trump is pushing updated social distancing guidance in order to get children back into the classroom this fall.

But some school districts are beginning to rethink plans for in-person teaching with a recent surge in COVID-19 cases among children in the U.S.

The president announced new measures Wednesday aimed at getting students back in class.

They include 125 million masks for schools across the country and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention teams ready to deploy to schools that are opening.

The Trump administration says not going to school poses a greater risk to children than going and that children are far less affected than adults.

“We know that the risk is low for kids in contracting and being hospitalized and, of course, the worst possible outcome—dying from COVID-19,” Kellyanne Conway says.

But new cases are growing amongst children.  From July 9 to August 6, there have been 180,000 confirmed cases in kids.

More than 380,000 children have tested positive since the start of the pandemic.

Some Democrats say the decision about reopening should be left up to individual school districts. .

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says, “If a school district does not feel at this point that they are not prepared to open with the health and safety protocols…we’ll work with them”

President Trump suggested Wednesday that only schools that hold in-person classes will receive federal funding.

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