GTPulse: Mother and Son Publish Their First Coloring Book Together

Nicholas Hains is an extraordinary young man. A little over a year ago I wrote about his impressive table tennis skills that earned him a scholarship to Texas Wesleyan University. He is on the school table tennis team that competes internationally and has won a few championships. Hard work has paid off for Nick and he’s put some time and effort into a new project. Over quarantine, he created a coloring book that showcases his love for all things table tennis, and soon he’ll be able to share it with those who feel the same.

“So when all the COVID stuff started in March, my mom and I were kind of experimenting, thinking about ways to make money. I’ve always wanted to put out something for table tennis because there’s a lot of venues that in these tournaments where you can get new paddles or like shoes or clothes, but there’s not a lot of stuff where like your kids at a tournament or like an adult wants to grab something to do while their husband is playing or their girlfriend is playing a match or whatever. So I kind of wanted to just put it out there because there’s not really that many table tennis coloring books. Like there’s not really any.”

Nick finished his Spring semester in at school and returned home to be with his mom Kristen Hains in Traverse City. Kristen owns a publishing company and had experience with publishing coloring books of her own. While the two spent time staying at home, they came up with ideas for 32 colorable designs all related to table tennis.

“It’s actually her publishing company, Denali and Company. So she helped me a lot.”

The completed book is 64 pages, with each coloring page having a blank back. Designs are filled in with intricate patterns and lines that could calm the busiest of minds. Coming up with a coloring book’s worth of designs took posed to be challenging at times, so Nick recruited a few table tennis friends to help by asking if he could use them for a little inspiration.

“I actually asked a few of my friends if they would let me use pictures of them for the book. It’s cool, featured in the book is an athlete from the India national team. It’s a picture of him playing in an action shot, and then we transformed it into an actual coloring page.”

And who doesn’t want to be made into a coloring book character? The books will print at the end of the year in November and Nick is already finding vendors, focusing mostly on specialty stores.

“Yeah. So on Amazon, it’s already available for pre-order and I think I’m probably going to try and get it somewhere local like Horizon Books or something like that just to keep some of it local. I’m going to try and get on a couple of table tennis websites too.”

He won’t be headed back to campus this semester but will be taking virtual classes, working, and keeping his skills sharp at home.

“So yeah, obviously I won’t be there. So I won’t be training with my team. I’ll be doing stuff here. Because they canceled the fall, like the season of the fall for table tennis. But they haven’t ruled out the spring. They’re still planning on having nationals in Texas this spring. So we’ll see what happens.”

He’s been grateful for this time spent with family, and for his mom’s help on helping him publish his first coloring book. 

“It’s been great. We do stuff together but to actually see the process of how she did it, I’ve got a lot of respect for it.”

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