Grand Traverse County Supports National Immunization Awareness Month

August is national Immunization Awareness Month.

Local health departments are urging residents to get vaccinated.E92edae9 Ce06 4a6c 8260 Ba5fc269bdce

The Grand Traverse County Health Department says because of the COVID-19 pandemic many have been affairs of going back to the doctors office.

That has caused vaccination rates to drop.

Medical director, Dr. Michael Collins, says the pandemic shouldn’t stop patients from making appointments.

He says being vaccinated helps to fight against respiratory infections and other serious diseases.

Dr. Collins says, “Immunizations are down anywhere from 10% to 40% depending on what time period and what age group you’re looking at compared to last year.”

The Grand Traverse County Health Department also wants to remind parents that even though some schools are virtual this fall, they will still be requiring vaccinations.

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