Grand Traverse County Health Department Tests Bat Positive for Rabies

The Grand Traverse County Health Department issued a warning after a bat tested positive for rabies.

They say they found the bat on Friday.

It’s the first in the county to test positive since 2017, and just the third case since 2012.

The health department says they’re a usually high bat activity in the month of August.

They said if you see a bat in or near your home there are certain steps to follow.6fbfc2d6 99c8 4548 Adfa 8f9d5008fc62

Grand Traverse County Health Department Environmental Health Director, Dan Thorell says, “Bats have the highest reservoir of rabies out of any wild animals, so it’s a concern. We want to make sure that people don’t let them go or simply open a window and shoo them off.”

The department says with limited vet access during the pandemic, some family pets could be behind on vaccinations, including those for rabies.