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There is a point in a child’s life when they need ‘the talk’. Beyond puberty, and some of the other awkward moments kids go through, there is something much more sinister out there, and our children need to be prepared. Beautiful Diverse Family Talksooner Logo Pms7620c

From Adderall and alcohol to methamphetamines and tobacco, one way or another our youth is faced with a choice. And that ‘choice’ that may lead down to a dark path of drug abuse. Communication and education are key when it comes to talking to your child about the deadly effects of drugs – and we get ‘the talk’ from the health educator at, Qur’an Griffin about their valuable website.

“ is a resource for parents, grandparents, community members at large, where they can learn and talk with their kids, or kids that they may come into contact with, about substance use and prevention,” explains Griffin. She also recommends to “talk early, and talk often,” and that the positive conversations and actions need to start from early childhood.

To make parents more successful, provides guidelines and talking tips for any age group, starting with ages zero to six. “Keep is simple, and you don’t have to go in-depth,” says Griffin. “When you have a young child start by being a good role model, talk about good health, spend time together, and teach them how to say ‘no'”.

It is also important for parents to educate not only their children, but themselves about current drug trends, the signs of use, and the ‘street names’.  “Both our website, and our app, are easily navigated and provides reliable research, definitions, and trends to help understand what our kids are talking about, and what’s out there,” Griffin said. was started in 2007 as a collaboration between the West Michigan counties of Allegan, Berrien, Kent, Muskegon, and Ottawa, and coordinated by the Lakeshore Coordinating Council (now known as Lakeshore Regional Entity).

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