Traverse City Computer Shops Say Business is Up

Mad Mike’s in Traverse City refurbishes and sells used laptops.

Owner Mike Tusin says right now business is up because new devices are becoming harder to get your hands on.

“Some of the laptops that we get, our used ones, I buy them from one particular reseller. This guy usually has hundreds if not thousands of laptops in stock and I’m lucky is he has thirty or forty at any given point in time,” says Tusin.

He says instead of buying brand new, repairing an old laptop could be more cost effective, and improve the device’s lifespan.B51f2311 A6b6 485f 953d 221be9d2113d

“For most people it’s cheaper to fix something and we can make things that are only a few years old, we can make them actually faster than new for a fraction of the money,” Tusin said.

Inacomp Computer Center says most of the calls they’re getting have to do with how to support multiple household devices on one network.

“You figure you have your smart phones, you have your computers, and your laptops, and different operating systems- Apple, Windows. So they’re all competing on that same highway out to the Internet,” said Inacomp manager, Tom Pointe. “That’s causing older equipment that would handle those transmission, not to be able to handle it properly now. So people are upgrading their existing equipment.”

But Mad Mike’s warns those looking for new equipment to do their research.