Michigan Beverage Leaders Call On Legislature to Update Bottle Deposit Law

Michigan beverage organizations are calling on the state to reinvest in the state’s bottle deposit law.

They say COVID-19 has revealed the need to invest and maintain the program. 08 12 2020 Bottle Can Deposit Conference Vo 6

At the height of the pandemic, deposit returns were halted across the state.

Now, they estimate there to be about $80 million in returnables that have piled up and the current infrastructure is overwhelmed.

“It is very taxing on our system. We built the infrastructure to handle the volume we knew was there,” said Shayne Schupan-Barry, government affairs director at Schupan & Sons Inc. “The more backup we have, the newer equipment we have, the better we can service all of our customers and the people of Michigan.”

They are asking the legislature to allocate some of the money from unclaimed deposits to invest in the deposit system’s infrastructure.