Traverse City Police Perform Welfare Check at Home Where Shots Were Fired

Traverse City Police say a man made suicidal comments and shot off a gun inside a home on Eighth Street on Monday. Img 3793

That man is now in the hospital.

It all started with a woman’s call to police saying her ex-husband made suicidal comments and fired a gun inside. N

Police made the choice to deescalate the situation and pull back from the scene Monday night. No one was hurt.

But officers returned around 11 a.m. Tuesday for a welfare check and got in contact with the 68-year-old man before going inside the home.

They say he cooperated and asked for help.

Police then found a handgun, cartridges, and six bullet holes in the bedroom wall.

Fire and EMS crews determined he was in a “rapidly deteriorating condition” and he was taken to Munson Medical Center to be treated.

The man is now believed to be in stable condition.