Taste the Local Difference: Four Food Finds – August 2020

Our friend of ‘The Four’, Tricia Phelps from Taste the Local Difference – is back with another round of ‘Four Food Finds’. In this edition, she wraps up the Northern Michigan summer with helpful tips for seasonal goodies, great drinks, and how we can continue to support our local farms and service industry workers.

What’s in Season: Farm Fresh Sweet Corn

“There is nothing that says August better than fresh corn. My favorite way to make it is simply in the husk on the grill. You’ll want to submerge the husks in water for a few minutes before putting Littlefleetcocktailsthem on the grill, but then just cook for about 20 minutes turning them every five. They pair with just about anything this time of year. Also, don’t forget you can eat them fresh, without cooking in salads and they have the most perfect texture.”

Must-Try: Cocktails to Go

“Several local restaurants are creating their own premixed cocktails to go, with the law recently passing here in Michigan to make it legal. They often include 2-4 cocktails per bottle and make the perfect easy solution for an impromptu socially distant happy hour. Last week I picked up the City Bird from Little Fleet which was rum, passionfruit, and lime juice. Tastes delicious poured over ice or sipped straight from the bottle.”

It’s Time to Sign-up: Fall CSAs

“A lot of people hopped on the CSA craze back in April to cut down on trips to the store and get farm-fresh produce weekly from local farms they trust. You may have missed your chance or got in and loved it, either way, the sign-up for a full fall season is now. So don’t miss it!”

Let’s Celebrate: Service Industry Love

“These folks have been working really hard during one of the most challenging times in the restaurant industry. Customer Service has never been easy and yet the experiences I’ve heard about these last few months have been some of the worst. If you’re going out: show them kindness, respect and tell them how much you appreciate them. They deserve to be supported, tipped well, and celebrated.”

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