Michigan Sits In Middle of State Entrepreneur Rankings

The Small Business Association of Michigan unveiled their annual report on Michigan’s ranking for key entrepreneurship factors.

Basically, how hospitable the state is for new small businesses.

The state ranked right in the middle of states in overall rating and high in things like home ownership rate, business tax burden and worker’s compensation.Small Bix Report Pic

COVID-19 is going to skew these numbers next year but this report may guide businesses through the pandemic.

“Of course, all of this data, these numbers are from last year so this is pre-pandemic times,” says Brian Calley, president of the SBAM, “It provides us with really, really important insights into the economic infrastructure that we have. What our strengths and what our weaknesses are and what the potential are to rebuild as we come out of it.”

Categories the state lagged in included unemployment costs, working age residents and high school graduation rates.