McLaren Northern Michigan Thanks Petoskey Plastics for Gown Production

McLaren Northern Michigan is thanking one of their community partners who has helped them throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 04 28 2020 Mclaren Superheroes Vo 4

In March, Petoskey Plastics began making protective isolation gowns for McLaren.

At the time, personal protective equipment was extremely hard to find and with McLaren’s help, Petoskey Plastics was able to come up with an effective gown design.

“Their efforts to provide gowns to us helped generate zero patient to patient, patient to staff or staff to staff transmission of COVID-19,” said Todd Burch, McLaren Northern Michigan President & CEO. “So we really appreciate everything they’ve done to help us keep our safe community.”

On Tuesday, they presented Petoskey Plastics with a token of their appreciation.

“It doesn’t get much better than that,” said Petoskey Plastics President Jason Keiswetter. “I am very excited that we had the opportunity to it, very excited to participate in it and couldn’t be happier we were able to help.”

Petoskey Plastics continues to make the gowns for hospitals across the state.

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