Local Political Parties Respond to Senator Kamala Harris as Democratic VP Pick

9&10 News spoke with Democrats here in Northern Michigan who say they’re impressed with Biden’s pick for VP.

The Chair of the Grand Traverse Democratic Party, Chris Cracchiolo, told us Harris is a strong leader, both as the former Attorney General of California and as a current U.S. Senator.

He added it’s exciting to see a woman of color to potentially fill the role of vice president.

“I think it goes right along with what Joe Biden has promised all along; that his cabinet, including Vice President would look like the rest of America. The current cabinet is really comprised of a vast majority of white males,” said Cracchiolo.

The 2020 Democratic National Convention runs Monday through Thursday in Milwaukee.

The Michigan Republican Party responded to the news on Tuesday jabbing at Governor Whitmer for losing out on the VP spot.

Party Chairman Laura Cox went on to say, “The pick of Kamala Harris confirms how radical the Democrat Party has become. Her addition to the ticket brings support for the green new deal, abolishing private health insurance, raising taxes, cutting police funding and devastation for Michigan’s economy.”

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