Bluff Road on Old Mission May Stay Closed Permanently

“We are looking at the potential to make some repair or potentially close the road.”

A Grand Traverse County road – shut down due to erosion from high water levels – could be permanently closed.Bluff Road Danger

A section of Bluff Road, on the Old Mission peninsula, has been closed since November. It’s about 20 feet above the water, but the ground under the road has eroded significantly. It could be a $2.5 million dollar repair, but the Road Commission says they can’t afford it.

And Manager Brad Kluczynski says even if they could – the state might not let them do the work. “They don’t normally like to allow backfilling into the Great Lakes once something has washed away. So there’s a potential they might not even permit us to do the work.“

The Road Commission manager says an alternative fix would be to close the road and create two new cul-de-sacs, and that would allow residents to access their property.