800 Georgia Students Quarantine 1 Week After in-School Learning Reopened

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Cherokee County, Georgia, was one of the nation’s first counties to open for in-school learning.

Now just one week later, 800 students are in quarantine after at least 16 schools in Cherokee County reported COVID-19 cases among students or staff.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says this could be a common trend if schools open too quickly.

Georgia does not have any sort of mask mandate right now. That has prompted backlash from teachers demanding the governor improve safety requirements.

Georgia Rep. Beth Moore says, “I have over 200 emails over the course of less than 48 hours from teachers, students, parents, staff members at school—all with really the same message. That schools in Georgia are not prepared to go back to face-to-face instruction right now.”

At least 12 counties will reopen in Florida this week for in-person learning.

They reported one of the lowest numbers of new cases in more than a month Monday. But health experts fear reopening schools could cause another spike.

Worldwide, coronavirus cases have now hit 20 million with almost 750,000 deaths.

It took nearly three months to reach 10 million cases in June. That number has doubled in just six weeks.

Brazil has more than 3 million cases and 100,000 deaths

India has the third-highest number of cases with more than 2 million.

But there are some countries seeing success: New Zealand recently celebrated 100 days with no community transmission and Rwanda is seeing progress thanks to similar steps.


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