Michigan Lawmakers Investigate Postal Delays

Two Michigan lawmakers are spearheading an investigation into the United States Postal Service for delays being felt nationwide this summer.

The fear is this is being done on purpose because of the election. Because of the coronavirus, even more people are expected to vote by mail in November than they did in Michigan’s August primary.

On a press call Monday morning, Sen. Gary Peters explained that the USPS handles half the mail in the entire world and has never really had a problem keeping up with it. That is, until lately.

And that has people pointing the finger at the administration.

“The postal service is a critical service and we need to fix it,” Peters says. “We need to fix it quickly.”Peters On Usps Pic

Delays in the mail happen, but a lot of people are noticing it more often now. Many are wondering if it’s on purpose.

“We’re trying to find out exactly what were the policies put in place over the last few weeks by the new postmaster general that appears to be slowing down the mail,” says Peters.

There have been complaints of mandates from Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to hold mail and delay on purpose. DeJoy took office two months ago.

Michelle Brown, of Morley, says, “The last letter I sent it took 10 days to get to Kalamazoo.”

She says her husband’s medicine comes in the mail and usually takes 3 days.

“It took 12 days to get his medication,” she says. “Which left us three days short.”

The fear is this is being done because of the election.

“Because of COVID, we don’t have a choice. We must vote by mail,” says Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, of Detroit.

If it continues, it could delay absentee ballots from reaching clerks in time to be counted.

“Especially during this election, we are not leaving ballots and impacting and impeding the democratic process,” Lawrence says.

The state of Michigan saw a record number of absentee ballots cast in the August Primary, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says she expects that number to potentially double come November. Those numbers are expected across the country.

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