Leelanau County Deputies Investigate Vandalism at Road Commission Building

Leelanau Road Commission Vandalism

We have continuing coverage of the racist comments made by a now-former Leelanau County road commissioner.

The sheriff’s office says someone vandalized a sign outside of the Leelanau County Road Commission building.

Someone covered up the word “road” on the sign this weekend with the word “racism.”

Deputies say the word was removed from this sign, then covered a nearby sign for “Eckerle Road” with the word “racism.”

Tom Eckerle announced his plan this weekend to resign.

He admitted to using the n-word while blaming the coronavirus pandemic on the people of Detroit.

Eckerle also said Black Lives Matter is “trying to take the country away from us.”

The sheriff’s office says a 58-year-old from California posted about the vandalized signs on social media while staying in the Northport area.

Deputies filed a report with the prosecutor.