Census Workers to Begin Door-to-Door Operations Tuesday

In a last push effort to get everyone to complete the census, workers will be going door-to-door starting Tuesday.

Earlier this month the U.S. Census Bureau announced they were cutting their counting operation down by a month.

They will now have workers going throughout Michigan communities to follow up with people who have not filled out their census data.

The Census says it will end all field collecting and self and online responses at the end of September, instead of October.

All census takers are required to complete a COVID-19 safety course and maintain social distance outside during census interviews.

The workers must also wear masks.

The census takers will only visit homes who have not completed the census by mail, phone or online.

There’s concern some areas like in rural Michigan could still be undercounted.

If those communities are undercounted, they won’t receive as much federal funding that’s tied to census counts.