Short’s Brewing Cancels ‘Short’s Fest,’ Encourages Guests to Still Come Out

One Northern Michigan Brewery is holding off on its annual celebration.

Short’s Brewing Company is known for their summer bash, “Short’s Fest.”

In order to comply with the executive order, and make sure guests are spread out – the brewery was going to stretch the fest out over the next two weeks, inviting bands and community members to come out and enjoy their locally brewed drinks.

Events would have kicked off on Saturday, but CEO, Scott Newman-Bale,  says that elongating the festivities would have prevented the staff from providing the same quality of event customers are used to.8 9 20 Short's Fest Cancelled

So they decided to cancel this year’s Short’s Fest all together.

“We were worried that if we moved forward we would not have the kind of event we’re used to having, at the quaintly level that we wanted. So, it was more of a precaution just to make sure that we maintain the high standards that we have,” said Newman-Bale.

Short’s Brewery is still open and says that even though the fest is canceled, they will still be having live bands all this week.

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