Kaliseum Recreational Complex Turns to Community Partners After Millage Fails

The Kaliseum Recreations Complex in Kalkaska has been able to keep afloat because of standing millage funds.

A renewal of that millage would have put about $200,000 back into the Kaliseum every year, for the next four years.

Kaliseum Director, John Starr says,“It is a small amount but it does help us with funding to keep our operations going basically on a daily basis.”

Now that the community has voted against renewing that fund, the Kaliseum is taking to the drawing board to find out what is holding voters back.

Starr said, “It’s no secret that there are some people that are not happy with the facility. They don’t use the facility and they don’t want to pay for the facility.”

Starr says the community’s biggest contention, is reopening the pool. He says they have an idea to part of the property’s empty space into a brand new pool.F8acfbc6 7cf1 4c8b 9a57 07d299863b48

“You can’t get support for something that people don’t want, I mean obviously it’s hard to do that. The people have spoken that what they’d love to see is the pool back open. It costs money to run it but it’s also a big draw for people and it’s what they want to see so we need to figure out a way to make that happen,” said Star.

He says right now their focus is looking to involve more community players.

They’re joining forces with the Kalkaska Public Schools and local hospital.

“They want to get involved financially. They want to have some programs here. So we really want to reach out to the community and give more types of events and activities,” says Starr.

Right now they are in the beginning stages of those partnerships and hope they can secure funds for renovations.