CMU Students Excited, Mt. Pleasant Community Concerned About Return to Campus

People in Mount Pleasant are bracing themselves for the return of college students in the coming weeks.

“Actually, pretty terrified about it,” says Mount Pleasant Resident Chad Gutzman.

Classes at CMU start Monday, August 17. Junior Josh Larson says it won’t look like previous years but he’s hoping for the best.

“I’m just excited. Hopefully we can be playing football too, but we’ll see. Anything that we can do safely, I’m all for it,” says Larson.

However, Gutzman isn’t thrilled about the return of college students:

“There’s kids coming from all over the county and they could be coming from hot zones and we’re having a difficult time even with our local public schools.”

Phil Mikus says it may boost the economy, but at the cost of people’s health:

“What’s going to happen in November when it’s cold and people are going inside? I may not even want to be around then at that point in this community… because those are just places for the virus to spread.”

Mikus and Gutzman say they hope that when students return they keep the community in mind and wear their masks and social distance.

“Mask wearing, constant testing and we’ll see whether CMU’s going to ready for all of that when they come back, we hope so,” says Gutzman.

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