Traverse City Adjusts to Summer Without Major Festivals

Another week has passed in Traverse City without a major festival.

This time it was the Traverse City Film Festival.

Festival founder Michael Moore says the festival and the downtown Traverse City theaters won’t bring in an expected million dollars in revenue.

They’re now asking for community support.

The Film Festival made the decision to postpone their 2020 events because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Summer has looked different this year in Traverse City, especially with weeks passing by with no festivals, including the Traverse City Film Festival.

“Without the festivals it’s obviously been thinking more about what people can do here and what they can do safely, so the great outdoors have been our number one leader because we know it’s safer to be outside and have fresh air and to be able to space out so that has been huge for us,” said Jillian Manning, Public Relations Manager for Traverse City Tourism.

Restaurants, like Bubba’s in downtown Traverse City, say the film festival usually brings steady crowds.

“Luckily our local are so great to us but we do want as a business rely on those people that come into this area definitely seeing a lot of people still traveling I think it’s a little bit more spread out not everybody for that one week or 10 days,” said general manager Brad Patterson.

And Traverse City Tourism says they’re hopeful these festivals can return in 2021.

“It’s obviously been a different year without the festivals these times of year with Film Festival, Cherry Festival, we see an influx of people coming in and it’s been a pretty slow and steady summer and sometimes a busy summer still which is nice. We hope 2021 we hope we will have all of our favorite festivals back it’s sad too miss out on those moments but we know this year is what we had to do to keep everybody in the community safe,” said Manning.

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