Senate Delays Recess for Deadlock Over Stimulus Relief

08 06 20 Covid Stimulus Bill Vo

Tuesday was one of the deadliest days since the coronavirus hit in the U.S., adding more than 1,000 deaths

As the U.S. continues to battle the virus, lawmakers continue to battle over a stimulus relief bill.

The Senate now plans to delay its recess next week in hopes that a bill will ready then.

Both sides have been deadlocked since the bills proposal.

Democrats have been pushing for more state and local funding. But Republicans say that funding goes too far.

The president himself says he will not be going along with what he is calling “bailouts.”

Leaders on both sides of the aisle have shown little willingness to budge.

The Senate majority leader, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, says, “While Americans are struggling, the Democratic leaders have moved about one inch, one inch, in eight days.”

And the Senate’s minority leader, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer, says they will not agree t something “inadequate.”

“We cannot agree to an inadequate bill and then go home while the virus continues to spread, the economy continues to deteriorate and the country gets worse,” Schumer says.

President Trump says he’s continuing to look into using executive action to bring about some of his priorities for COVID-19 relief, including a suspension of evictions and payroll taxes.

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