Nearly 1.2 Million Americans File for Unemployment

Nearly 1.2 million Americans applied for state unemployment benefits last week.

It comes after a $600 weekly federal jobless payment expired.

It’s the 20th straight week that at least 1 million people have sought jobless aid.

But the number of jobless claims fell by about 250,000 from the previous week.

That was after rising for two straight weeks, and it was the lowest total since mid-March.

In Michigan, more than 17,000 new unemployment claims were filed in the state last week.

That’s about 6,000 less than the previous week, which was just more than 23,000.

Statewide unemployment claims are far below the peak number of claims filed, which came the week of April 4.

That’s when more than 388,000 people in Michigan filed for unemployment benefits.

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