Midland County Historical Society Receives Donation To Help Restore Damaged Artifacts

The Midland County floods destroyed hundreds of people’s homes and businesses, but it also swept away pieces of the area’s rich history.

Back in May, heavy rain flooded the Tittabawassee River causing the Edenville Dam to break.

That sent a flash flood through Midland county, covering downtown Sanford and parts of the City of Midland in feet of water.

Now, organizations are putting back the pieces to rebuild their communities.

“Most of Michigan’s history is preserved in places like this,” says Larry Wagenaar, executive director and CEO of the Historical Society of Michigan. “Those stories are told locally.”

On Thursday, the Michigan Historical Society donated more than $5,000 to the Midland County Historical Society to help them restore some of the buildings damaged in the floods.

“I really hope that they can address some of their damage, some of their restorative needs. We realize it’s not going to cover all of their problems, especially here in midland where it’s very impactful,” says Wagenaar.

Julie Johnson, director of museums at the Midland Center for the Arts says it won’t cover it all, but it’ll help with the 25-percent of their collection destroyed.

“We have between $9 and $10 million worth of damage, in all of the buildings that we have,” says Johnson.

Johnson says for the last four months, the historical society has been working hard to recover any lost artifacts.

Now they’re ready to restore it so that these pieces of history will live on for centuries to come.

“We’re feeling good, we have a goods system, we’re moving forward, things are being done,” says Johnson.