Hook & Hunting: Registering Muskie and Lake Sturgeon

Muskie and Lake Sturgeon season is underway in Michigan and the DNR is reminding anglers they’re required to register their catch within 24 hours.

You can do that over the phone or online.

The DNR would like to know the time and location of the catch, along with the size of the fish.

The fish may also be tagged and the DNR would like to know if you caught one of those as well.

They say registering these catches provides them with valuable information.

“Both of those species are relatively rare in Michigan and they’re not always easy for us as fisheries division to find and so having angler records of catches is very helpful for us fisheries biologists as we try to manage the population of those two species,” said Mark Tonello, Fisheries Management Biologist.

For more information on registering your catch, click here.

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