Hilltop Soda Shoppe: How to Make Incredible Ice Cream

Cone, cup, shake, sundae— there are so many ways to get your ice-cream fix this summer. 9&10’s Madison Gardner went to Benzie County to get the scoop.Hilltop Soda Shoppe

Hilltop Soda Shoppe in Benzonia takes pride in their ice-cream. It’s mouth-watering magic. They’re making 16% butter-fat, real sugar ice-cream.

Chris Mekas, the man behind it all is convinced their ice-cream is out of this world. He says, “no matter where we go we always compare it. Every once in a while we might find a flavor and be like that’s unique pretty cool but always come back to our ice cream is the best.”

If you’d like to visit or learn more, click here.

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