Executive Order Requires Day Cares, Camps to Enforce Face Masks

Carmen’s Daycare and Learning Center in Big Rapids tried integrating face masks into their day-to-day routine, but according owner Carmen Currie it’s much easier said than done.

Currie said, “It’s kind of hard for these little tikes to remember ‘oh wait a minute, I have to have my mask up when I sneeze.’ First thing they do, is they pull it down.”

Governor Whitmer’s Executive order requires day care centers and camps in all regions in phase four and below to make sure kids and staff are wearing face coverings.

But Currie worries this could effect the way students learn.

“We’re trying to explain things and they’re all like ‘what are you saying, what are you saying?’ It’s confusing to these kids and how we’re pronouncing these words properly with the mask on, they’re not hearing it properly,” said Carmen Currie.

The director of TenderKare Daycare in Big Rapids, Crista Knight,  has similar concerns.A1bb8c22 Cb9c 4f4a 9492 Ab7048344534

“They depend on facial expressions and stuff to take their cues from you. So I’m afraid that is going to be hard with the little ones. They won’t be able to see those,” said Knight.

As everyone works to adapt to frequent change, Carmen Currie says its important to be an example and try to make it fun when you can.

“Let all pretend that we’re doctors or in the hospital field or a fireman. Firemen wear masks when they go to a fire. So, we come up with all sorts of different things that entertain them and then they all think it’s really cool,” says Currie.

Face masks for day cares and camps in Phase 5 regions are’t required, but recommended under the executive order.

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