Revitalizing Summer Plants To Last Into Fall

We might be in the final stretch of summer, but it’s actually the perfect time to spruce up those outdoor plants and even add a pop of color.  Robin Smillie, the general manager of Garden Goods in GardengoodscolorTraverse City shares some tips and tricks about pruning and cleaning up our plants.  She says also adding in some new seasonal ones like cabbage and kale can help the plants last into the next season.

Smillie says the idea is to prune and revitalize the plants so more growth can come through.  Also, incorporating new plants with a splash of color not only looks great but can then be easily transplanted into a garden and continue to grow.

Smillie also suggests vitamins for the soil which can help spur growth and really enhance the plants that have been growing for the past several weeks.

For more information and ideas from the staff with Garden Goods about keeping your plants going strong into the fall season, check out the video posted above.

For a direct link to Garden Goods in Traverse City click here.

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