Munson Healthcare Updates Northern Michigan COVID-19 Testing, Treatment Efforts

9&10 News spoke with Munson Healthcare Wednesday afternoon about what they’re seeing in their hospital system with the coronavirus.

Munson says they’ve seen just under 1,400 cases with 52 deaths.

Right now, they have one coronavirus patient hospitalized.

They’ve also secured new testing machines to help expand testing across northern Michigan.

Their chief medical officer says studies now show masks are effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“I think now months into this pandemic and with studies being done we can show they are effective both for preventing the spread of COVID-19 by s symptomatic person not spreading it, but also keeping a non-ill person from catching it from someone else,” said Dr. Christine Nefcy.

Munson recently started looking at plasma therapy to treat coronavirus patients.

They say it’s been determined to be safe and they’re now look at how effective of a treatment it is.

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