La Casa Verde Produce: 100% Certified Organic Diverse Vegetable Farm in Leelanau County

It’s farmers market season. Here in Northern Michigan, we are extremely fortunate to have so many generous farmers willing to put fresh produce on our plates. Farming

Right now busy is an understatement for farmers. Noel Weeks the Production Manager and co-owner of La Casa Verde Produce in Cedar says, “It’s crunch time. It’s quick and it’s fast and it’s furious.” This time of year Noel is easily putting in 80-120 hours per week. 

La Casa Verde is a Certified Organic diverse vegetable farm in Leelanau County that grows 30-40 different vegetables and sells within a 20-mile radius from the farm. Certified Organic is more than just a fancy term… It’s farmers choosing quality over quantity. “What you’re eating in your plate I can with the paperwork that. I do for the certification trace that backs to the seed that I planted,” explains Weeks.

You may be surprised to learn that salad you’re serving most likely has roots in California or Mexico. Noel explains, “Right now most food travels over 3,000 miles to get from the farm to someone’s plate.”

So shopping local is the best way to get the freshest produce. “I think by supporting the local farmers you’re supporting the local economy you’re putting the money here and keeping it here and you’re allowing culture in this area to thrive,” says Weeks. 

Sun up to sun down this summer, the Weeks family is sharing this crop with their community and Noel explains simply, “I wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.”

You can find La Casa Verde in Glen Arbor Tuesday, Traverse City on Wednesday, Thursday they’re in Leland, Friday is Northport and Saturday they are selling in both Suttons Bay and Traverse City. 

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