Benzie School Bond Proposal Fails for Third Time in Two Years

The third time was not the charm for Benzie Central Schools.

Their bond proposal has now failed three times in just two years.

The district was asking voters asked for money to renovate its aging buildings. Their ballot measure asked to levy 2.1 mills for 25 years, which would raise more than $38 million for the district.

The school wanted to use the money for repairs and new equipment. They had plans to renovate all facilities, add classrooms, rebuild Crystal Lake Elementary, and modernize its bus fleet.

They’ve gone to voters three times since 2018.

They lost Tuesday’s initiative by around 50 votes.

In each subsequent election, the district has asked for less and less money each time.

The board of education says even though this lost again, their buildings desperately need repairs and new equipment, but there’s no money to help it.

“I wished [the result] would have been different,” said school board president Brian Childs. “Our needs have not changed. The needs of the district are not going away, they’re getting worse and worse. Moving forward, I am not quite sure where we go from here.”

The district is also looking for a permanent superintendent. When a candidate is chosen, this issue will be discussed at length.

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