Benzie, Grand Traverse Clerks say August Primary Election Ran Smoothly, Now Onto November

Tuesday’s primary election proved to many northern Michigan clerks that whether people vote in person or absentee, their teams can run a smooth election.

“Everyone pulled together, got the job done and did it efficiently,” says Traverse City Clerk Benjamin Marentette.

Marentette says he was impressed with how smoothly Tuesday’s primary election went, considering the historic number of absentee ballots they received.

“We had 80.2 percent of our absentee ballots that we issued were returned. I was really glad to see so many come in at the end there, a strong finish.”

Marentette says Tuesday was a good recipe for them to prepare for November’s general election:

“What we’re going to do is add even more people, increase our bench strength, add more absent ballot counting boards, so that we can get the ballots counted as quickly as possible, but while doing methodically and accurately.”

Green Lake Township Clerk Judith Kramer says she had less people working in Tuesday’s election because of the coronavirus pandemic. In November, she says she’ll need more volunteers.

“We will have to have probably two or three more workers in each precinct just to cover how many people will be coming in and voting in November,” says Kramer.

Dawn Olney, Benzie County Clerk says she’s now excited for November:

“It’s just one day at a time and it’s just a steppingstone here that we just roll into. Get the canvas done and move right into preparing for November.”

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