Traverse City Senior Center Offering Curbside Meal Pick-Up and Comradery

Since March, the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network (GTCSCN) has become a senior center without walls. Due to COVID-19, seniors are no longer able to congregate in groups. This Senior Center Lunches Pkg 4was a challenge for the local senior center. They needed to find creative ways to get food on the senior’s plates. “We knew that the meals on wheels people would be taken care of but the people who did their own shopping were going to have some problems if they couldn’t leave their house,” explains Lori Wells, Manager of GTCSCN. 

Instead of just simply handing out a few meals and calling it a day— they’ve decided to have a little fun with this weekly event.  Wells says, “Today we were having some fun with the seniors. We had beach balls for everybody and gave everyone a squirt gun.” The theme of today’s meal pick-up is “beach party”. The staff are sporting festive beach attire and so are several of the seniors stopping by. Each week they have a different theme. 

Here they are clearly serving more than just a meal… They’re providing community and a sense of normalcy for seniors. “We have people drive through that say they don’t even need the meal so much. They just wanted to come and see what we were up to today,” says Wells. 

Ricki Fox, a meal recipient shares that this meal means the absolute world to her. “To me, this is just an extension of someone reaching out and saying you’re not alone… and that’s what the senior center represents. I just appreciate it so much.” 

If you or someone you know could benefit from this free meal program, click here. 

To learn more about the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network and their various programs/resources, click here.



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