Record Number Of Absentee Ballots Climbs On Election Day

Hours well before polls closed, already Michigan had seen a record number of absentee ballots and as more people learn the process it will only continue to climb.

With the expanded freedoms that come with absentee ballots in the state of Michigan and same-day registration, where you can fill out an absentee ballot right at your clerk’s office, this was expected to be a record-breaking year for absentee ballots and it was.Absentee Ballot Pic

Previously the record was 1.27 million ballots, from November 2018. That record was broken before the day even began.

“We have more people telling us that things are going great or they are going slower and it’s going to be a tough night,” says Jake Rollow, spokesperson for the State Department.

Whether it be the ease of voting at home at your own time or to avoid large crowds for a pandemic, absentee ballots are taking off.

“We are not seeing the jammed polling places with people stuck waiting in line,” says Rollow.

Turnout is looking strong with reports from 4:30 PM, 2,064,468 ballots had been requested and 1,557,419 of those were returned. That’s a lot to count and some precincts have turned to the state for help.

“We got a few calls from people last night saying they needed assistance,” says Rollow, “We’ve gotten more this morning.”

Mostly in major cities but state officials were also sent help to Lake and Benzie Counties. They are on hand to try to count as quickly and accurately as possible.

“It’s maybe not as big of a deal in August but certainly in November,” says Rollow, “The longer time you have until election numbers are announced, there’s more of an opportunity there for people to without evidence, to call foul play.”

That number can climb through the evening as voters have until 8 PM to drop it off at their local clerk’s office.

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