New Surge of COVID-19 Cases Hit Middle of US

Health experts on the White House Coronavirus Task force are warning there are signs of a new surge in COVID-19 cases among states in the middle of the U.S.

Now 15 states and Washington, D.C. have reported an increase in infections.

However, cases are plateauing in California even while single day deaths increased.

08 04 20 Covid Latest VoStudents and community leaders came together in several cities around the country, including Los Angeles, urging school districts to slow down reopening.

But some schools have already begun in-person learning. In Georgia’s largest school district, 260 employees are now quarantining after testing positive or after being exposed to the coronavirus.

One man who says it’s not safe yet to come back into the classrooms says, “We don’t want to see our students’ families dying. We don’t want to see our colleagues dying.”

Monday, the University of Kentucky and Iowa state started testing their students for COVID-19.

And major league baseball canceled more than 13 games after St. Louis Cardinals players and staff tested positive for the virus.

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