Hurricane Isaias Tracks Across East Coast

08 04 20 2hurricane Isaias Vo

Millions of people remain in the path of hurricane Isaias as it moves up the coast towards Maine.08 04 20 Hurricane Isaias Vo

The category 1 hurricane has now made landfall along the border of north and South Carolina.

The storm made a direct hit on coastal Carolina Monday night with winds of 85-miles per hour.

Heavy rain brought flooding and power outages.

The hurricane was accompanied by a 3 to 5-foot storm surge. As the storm moves north, preparations are underway along the eastern seaboard.

Workers installed a new flood barrier system Monday in lower Manhattan.

“God forbid we’d ever have to moment of evacuation. We’re in a much better position to do so from the tough lessons we learned from Sandy.”

So far Isaias is responsible for two deaths, both in the Dominican Republic.

As of now, there is no word on any deaths caused by the storm in the U.S.