Stand Up for Great Lakes Paddles Chain of Lakes Water Trail

It was supposed to be the year the guys from Stand Up for Great Lakes crossed their final great lake, Lake Ontario. Paddle

When the pandemic hit, they had to cancel.

That did not stop them from doing something spectacular this weekend.

Instead, they took on the Chain of Lakes Water Trail.

It spans more than 50 miles through four counties in northern Michigan.

It also benefited the charity Paddle Antrim who takes care of the waterway.

The group even invited people to paddle with them.

With calm water, right up until Torch Lake.

“It looks like we may have a tail wind by the time we get to torch which will be real handy. And then by the time we get through torch we hope the wind direction will change, which is typical in the early to late evening,” said Joe Short.

They ended up paddling 50 miles in just under 16 hours.

To date, Stand Up for Great Lakes has raised over $12,000 for Paddle Antrim to help keep the chain of lakes clean.

If you would like to donate, click here.

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