Petoskey Department of Public Safety Gives Presentation About Progress

In light of different events that have happened over the last few months, including the death of George Floyd, many police forces and public safety departments have taken a closer look at their own practices and procedures.

That includes Petoskey’s Department of Public Safety.

“These questions arose from civil unrest and social unrest across our nation and it was apparent and more than likely that some citizens had the same questions,” said Director Matt Breed.

On Monday night during the Petoskey City Council meeting, Breed laid out ways their department has encouraged the use of less force, how they report when force is used, and their principals for crowd control.

He also talked about the ways they handle citizen complaints, the different training they go through and the transparency of the department.

“I thought it was important that people understood our level of transparency in our public safety department and the steps that we take to make sure to make sure that transparency fits,” added Breed.

The department also showed the extra training they have started to go through, including education on implicit bias, deescalation, and autism awareness.

He also touched on the glowing reviews they get from the community.

“Since February of 2010 we have received 33 complaints,” said Breed. “Actually what we received much more of was positive feedback from our community and that is greatly appreciated by the members.”

The council members ended the presentation by thanking their public safety department for leading the way in making their community a safe, inclusive place to live.

“Thank you for the leadership and the insight and the foresight to make our public safety officers as competent and humane as possible,” said council member Suzanne Shumway.