Manistee Armory Youth Project Reopens, Offers More Programs for Kids

The Armory Youth Project in Manistee reopened their doors Monday after being closed for nearly five months.

The Armory Youth Project has been a safe haven for kids to go after school and throughout the summer since 2016.

Executive Director Amy Wojciechowski says, “We are one of the few resources that the students can come to and have physical activity during the summer months and during the time that schools not in session.”

In March, the building was forced to close because of COVID-19. On Monday, Wojciechowski says she was excited for kids to walk through the door:

“We felt that it was a really sad situation because so many of those kids are homebound and unable to get out and about.”

Although, Wojciechowski says the break wasn’t all that bad. Her team was able to expand programs like gardening, baseball and yoga.

“It has provided us with an opportunity to work on projects that we had not been able to address and policies and procedures that we would like to put in place,” says Wojciechowski.

12-year-old Anuksa Saffron says she missed all of the activities at the Youth Armory:

“I like doing the art, that’s my favorite thing to do, one of my hobbies. It allows me to be happy when the world is going bazookas,” says Saffron.

Pat Lynett has been volunteering at the youth armory for eight years. She says now is the perfect time to come and support the kids.

“It is exciting to be open especially with things around the world and around the country being up in the air about school. So, if we can do this, this will be at least one place where kids know they can come,” says Lynett.

The Armory Youth Project is currently looking for volunteers. For more information on how to register or donate click here: Armory Youth Project.

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