Antrim Co. Sheriff Candidates Face-Off in Primary Election

Voters in Antrim County head to the polls Tuesday to decide between two candidates for sheriff.

It’s a race between current Sheriff Dan Bean and State Representative Triston Cole.

This is one of the more intriguing races in northern Michigan Tuesday.

On one side you have a sheriff looking for another four years.

On the other, you have a state representative looking to become sheriff, even without a law enforcement background.

Sheriff Dan Bean has spent 12 years as sheriff of Antrim County and he’s asking voters for four more.

“39 years of law enforcement and having a rounded background in road patrol, dispatch corrections I was the undersheriff for 16 years,” said Bean.

He’s now being challenged by State Representative Triston Cole, who’s spent three terms representing the area in Lansing.

“A law enforcement background is not required for the position of sheriff. A modern day sheriff is really an administrator that interacts between the public, the department, the commissioners and really just lays out the plan for an apartment and sets the tone and that’s where I excel,” said Cole.

And both have different ideas of what they’d like to do in office.

“It’s high time that body cameras were instituted here in Antrim County that is a critical need that we have right now, more interaction with our education community,” said Cole.

“We’re really going to be looking at the technology because I think that’s really what is spearheading law enforcement at this time,” said Bean.

Cole and Sheriff Bean differ on a new building and jail for the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff believes it’s necessary, Cole believes costs can be cut to avoid building a new one.

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