Leelanau County Homes Fixed by Freedom Builders Group

"We want them to know they are not forgotten."

In the summer heat, working on a hot roof may be the last thing you want to do–but for Freedom Builders–it’s their first priority.Freedom Builders Logo

Executive Director and Founder Skip Brown says they are working on three roofs in one Leelanau County neighborhood.

“We are putting roofs on homes for families that, frankly, are in desperate need of it. Usually it’s because the interior is damaged already.”

He says the work crew is made up of staff and volunteers alike.

“We’ve got two paid staff on the roof but you’d be hard-pressed to figure out which ones are paid and which ones are volunteer.”

Its not just roofing. Freedom Builders staff and team of volunteers can do it all for those in need, like single mom Liz Bembeneck.

“They did a new furnace, a new roof, fixed some walls in the house. All new carpet. New flooring in the kitchen. Lots of work.” Freedom Builders 3

Brown says they work to help families in need.

“Quite honestly, these are families that work hard, try real hard, and just don’t have the resources necessary to take care of the immediate needs that need to be taken care of.”

As Skip talked about Freedom Builders and the mission they are working towards, a major realization crossed his mind about a major milestone.  He realized it’s been 20 years to the day since Freedom Builders started working in the five-county region.

“My wife and I started the ministry 20 years ago. Actually, it’s interesting, August 1st is 20 years. So yeah, I hadn’t thought about that.”

Freedom Builders 1With the ministry started by Skip and his late wife Janet, Freedom Builders has now helped thousands of families and completed as many as 4,000 home improvement projects.

“In the beginning, we averaged about 40 a year. Now we are averaging 300 houses a year. The people we are serving matter. They’re valuable, they’re important. We say often we don’t care about fixing houses we care about loving people. And we want them to know they are not forgotten and the God of the universe hasn’t forgotten them either.”

For Liz Bembeneck, “It’s a blessing. Sometimes you wonder what you’re going to do and things just all seem to fall into place. But it’s really a blessing, and without Freedom Builders I don’t know where I’d be right now.”Freedom Builders 2

Skip Brown says that’s just what they do.

“That’s our motto here, we are just a bunch of broken, messed up people serving a bunch of broken, messed up people because God loves us all.”

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