Missaukee County Receives Grant from EGLE to Help People Recycle

The Missaukee Conservation District is partnering with the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) to help people in the community recycle better and more efficiently.

The Missaukee Conservation District recently received a more than $30,000 grant from EGLE.

The money will be used to create signs and materials to teach people on how to sort their own recycling. Sherry Blaszek, district manager at the Missaukee County Conservation District, says this will be a huge improvement for processing recyclables:

“This will help it be more efficient and I guess more attractive looking. We’ll have signs that will be improved, better bins instead of ones that people are done with and give them to us that are all cracked up,” says Blaszek.

The Missaukee County Recycling Center will also be receiving additional funds in December from a millage that was passed this year.