Leelanau County’s “Farm Club” Promotes Immersive Experience for Customers


Two Leelanau county businesses have collaborated to build an original immersive experience for customers.

Img 3767Farm Club combines a restaurant, marketplace, brewery and farm all on one property.

“We really care about where our food comes from and we care about Leelanau county,” said Farm Club co-owner Gary Jonas. “We wanted to showcase both of those things.”

The 2 acre farm on site produces various vegetables, small fruits, and herbs along with the nearby Loma Farm for the business.

“First and foremost it’s a farm,” said Farm Club co-owner Nic Theisen. “That inspires everything else we do here.”

The food grown in the farm is then sold in the marketplace or put in food at the restaurant–which will officially open in August.

“I think that when you have really good produce coming straight from the farm and we have a really Img 3765intimate relationship with what’s coming from the farm, the food is only going to be great because of that,” said Jonas.

The marketplace also sells grab-and-go meals, household items, and different pantry items like homemade bread.

There is also an in-house brewery that has produced five beer varieties so far.

“We concentrate all on cider-style beers, lower alcohol beers, more subtle beers,” said Jonas. “We’re really proud of our pilsner. It’s our number one beer right now.”

Farm Club’s main goal, however, is to show the importance of agriculture to the public.

Img 3770“Every time you purchase from a local farm, you’re actively preserving land in your community, and preserving land in the community improves all our lives,” said Theisen.

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