Grand Rapids Region Gyms Remain Closed After Months

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Gyms in much of the state remain closed, and that includes gyms in the Grand Rapids region.

Beth Birgy owns MP Fit Club in Mount Pleasant and hasn’t welcomed members through her doors since mid-March.

“You don’t have any new business flow coming in, luckily we’ve been here six years, we’ve established some great relationships with our members so a lot of them have stuck with us, through the virtual, through some of the outdoor, we’re giving both virtual and outdoor options so people can do what they’re comfortable with and we’ve been barely able to keep our heads afloat,” said Birgy.

Beth says one of the biggest questions now is, how long gyms can and fitness clubs like hers sustain a virtual format.

“The fear is the longer it goes on, the less likely you are to keep people engaged, at first everyone was like, oh yeah, virtual, great, but as time goes on, they miss that social interaction and that’s why they come to us to begin with,” said Birgy.

And there’s been no indication from the state as to when gyms might get go ahead they’ve been waiting for.

“I used to watch every news conference like wonderful if today, is it going to be the day that we’re going to get that date and now just watching what’s his around the country and with other states closing gyms back down, I don’t see that happening anytime soon. I will do what I can to keep my members healthy and if that means staying closed longer, then that’s what it means because they’re more important to me than my bottom line to be completely honest,” said Birgy.


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