Gov. Whitmer on New COVID-19 Restrictions, Why They Are Important Now

“That’s why we took these efforts to tighten things up in this phase in hopes we don’t have to move back a phase.”

In one of her first interviews since imposing new restrictions, Governor Gretchen Whitmer tells  Northern Michigan’s News Leader what lead her to the decision.

Gov. Whitmer was on hand Friday at Camp Grayling for the Michigan National Guard’s Memorial and Pass Review Ceremony. The ceremony honors fallen guard members and recognizes those currently serving. 07 31 2020 Whitmer Interview

“These are tough times, but knowing we’ve got an asset like the Michigan National Guard is really important,” Gov. Whitmer said.

And tough times call for tough measures.

“The way these numbers are moving is very concerning,” Gov. Whitmer said.

Earlier this week Gov. Whitmer imposed stricter restrictions on gathering and shut down indoor bar service statewide.

“We know that when groups congregate that’s how the virus is spread,” Gov. Whitmer said. “We know that bars are uniquely risky for the spread of COVID.”

Many are asking why now…

“It’s always about the trajectory and the trajectory is moving up all across the state of Michigan,” Gov. Whitmer said. “That’s why we took these efforts to tighten things up in this phase in hopes we don’t have to move back a phase.”

And when it comes to Northern Michigan specifically…

“The hospital systems can get quickly overwhelmed in smaller communities because just a handful of COVID cases would mean there’s no ICU beds for anyone else,” Gov. Whitmer said.

The Governor says it’s also about getting students back in the classroom this fall.

“As the parent of school age children and the Governor of Michigan that’s something that’s really important,” Gov. Whitmer said. “Our actions today are going to determine where we are in three four weeks when we want to get our kids back. That’s why it’s important to tighten up now.”

It’s no secret these restrictions are somewhat controversial.

“I’m trying to protect people whether they voted for me or not,” Gov. Whitmer said. “I understand that some of this is not popular but it’s all based on the science.”

In a Facebook post, Clare County Sheriff John Wilson says he will not enforce the restrictions when it comes to a planned livestock auction.

The post says in part “I’m done with this unconstitutional” (expletive).

“I think it’s unfortunate that politics has been infused into what is a public health crisis,” Gov. Whitmer said. “I want to save the lives of people in Clare county as well as every other county in the state of Michigan and that’s the work that I’m doing.”

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