City of Cadillac Expands Social District

The Cadillac City Council voted to expand its social district for carry out drinks.

More restaurants can now take part and people can enjoy those drinks in more public spaces.

The social district was originally going to be on the west side of Mitchell Street between Harris and Cass.

It has since expanded to the Willow Market on the south end of Mitchell and Maggie’s Tavern on the north end of Mitchell.

The area now includes businesses within that expanded area such as Raven Brewing and Herman’s Cafe.

The state recently passed a law allowing for social districts like these.

People will be allowed to order to go cocktails from certain bars and restaurants within the social district and enjoy them in public spaces.

Cadillac believes that this is an old to really help not just its hospitality based merchants, but also to provide another opportunity for people to come out, enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the public spaces in a very responsible manner,” said Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia.

Outside drinks won’t be allowed in the social district.

The city still needs to finalize its maintenance and management plan and businesses must apply to the liquor control commission and apply for a resolution of support from the city council.

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